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A practicing pagan...coming to a theater near you!

Has anyone ever heard of the new book (series) called Wither? The author came to my school last month and I got an autographed copy. It's really great. The protagonist, the hero of the story, is a practicing Wiccan. Not like The Craft or anything, but Wendy, A college student, uses stones and herbs, is a solitary, opens circles, does healing magic, etc. She's fighting an ancient, evil spirit...I won't get into it. But this is going to be a movie within the next few years. I think it's a really good representation of the average pagan.

The only discrepancy I noticed was that they called her a "Wicca". Whazzat? Not a "Wiccan" but a "Wicca".
Does anyone else refer to themselves without the "n"?

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