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Golden Opportunities

I had a very interesting event happen to me today on the way to my breakfast. As I was walking into the foyer of Johnson and Hard wick (Dorm/Cafe) I noticed a small bird huddled in a corner next to a revolving door. On closer examination I realized that it was a Golden Finch (New Jersey State Bird), and I was delighted to have such a familiar being grace me with its presence at 7:30 in the morning. It must have been frightened because it would not move and I got quite close to it, all the time never attempting to pick it up or touch it. I thought I should just leave it be. On the way in to the actual cafe I thought I might bring it some bread, but I had forgotten my I.D. card so I had to walk all the way back to my dorm (about a block) and up to my room on the 5th floor to retrieve my I.D. card. After retrieving it, I walked back to J&H and noticed, quite to my dismay, that the bird had left. Disappointed that my friend had decided to part so soon, I went inside and began collecting my Rice Crispies, fruit and raisin bread toast with strawberry jelly with a glass of cranberry juice. (My regular, unless I'm feeling carnivorous, in which case you don't want to see me eat.) I noticed Lauren and Rebecca and decided to sit with them. Rebecca told me, oddly enough how she had found the bird and saved it from the cleaners throwing it outside in a rag. She picked it up and it flew away outside. It left my mind until after I had finished eating and then I began analyzing the situation.
A golden finch. A Jersey Bird. I was a Jersey Boy. It was in Philadelphia. I was in Philadelphia. It was scared flightless. I'm academically stunted and overwhelmed with such changes in my life happening so rapidly. Winter was coming and it still and not flown south. It had the ability to fly. I have the ability to succeed. It needed help to get in the right direction. I'm going to seek council.I took it as a sign that going to Counseling Services at Temple University is just what the doctor ordered. It's time to get some stuff of my chest.
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