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Garden State Alternative Religion

Wiccans, Pagans, Heathens in NJ
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I've been searching around for ages and there seems to be no community where New Jerseyans can discuss and debate all matters of paganism...so here you have it.

*~Les Rules and Regulations~*

1) To commune means "to communicate intimately". I'd like this to be the definition of garden_moon. Although this is a Wiccan community, nothing is off-topic or offhanded. This is the community to be comfortable, because you're among friends. garden_moon isn't strictly limited to the Garden State either, so if you live somehwere thereabouts, you're also invited to join.

2) Besides that, there are the regular regulations: no flaming, no attacking. Though I don't know why I put this here; I trust nothing like that will go on.

3) Above all, have fun and be open-minded. An introduction isn't required, though we'd certainly like to know about you ^^

Sincerely and Merry Part,
The Mod